After more than a year and a half of harsh measures, sanitary restrictions decline to a great extent in almost all of the Spanish territory, as well as in the countries that export our products. From Grupo Jover we think that this decision will mean an increase in the domestic consumption of goods such as footwear and leather goods, as is also expected from the sector.

There is no doubt that the change in the USA presidency has helped improve its trade relations with Spain. The recent announcement of the postponement of the increase in tariffs on Spanish footwear was joined a few days ago by the agreement around the G7 to achieve fiscal harmonization for large multinationals. In addition to these announcements, on June 15, the suspension for five years of the special tariffs that were levied on Spanish products such as wine or olive oil at the United States borders. This pressure measure was implemented in retaliation for the Airbus-Boing conflict, a trade dispute with the European Union for the past 17 years.

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The footwear sector demands that the Government access the measures to support business solvency established in RDL 5/2021 This is the time to recognize the efforts of the footwear sector during the pandemic From the footwear sector we continue to see with surprise not being included among the sectors that can access the extraordinary measures to support business solvency in response to the Covid pandemic established in Royal Decree Law 5/2021. Therefore, the sector has come together to demand that this inexplicable situation be corrected.

The star of the year 2021, the exponential rise in the price of steel

During a crisis, and more the current one that involves health and the economy, cyclical stocks are the ones that suffer the most uncontrolled variations and without prior warning. The large steel companies have held out on the Ibex 35 with strength but the evolution of the pandemic year has caused decreases in the stock of raw materials, which has a direct impact on demand, assuming exorbitant price increases that are difficult to assume for limited productions in the face of the drop in orders, since the population has limited movements and social relations.

We export "Made in Spain" as a seal of quality and good work all over the world. Grupo Jover's products and services have the Spanish seal. In these times of globalization, the strength of the Asian sector is there, but there is no doubt about the almost urgent need to continue betting on the internationalization of our sector if we want to ensure the survival of such an indigenous industry and with so much growth potential such as footwear in the Valencian Community.
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