We export “Made in Spain” as a seal of quality and good work all over the world.

Grupo Jover’s products and services have the Spanish seal. In these times of globalization, the strength of the Asian sector is there, but there is no doubt about the almost urgent need to continue betting on the internationalization of our sector if we want to ensure the survival of such an indigenous industry and with so much growth potential such as footwear in the Valencian Community.

The look abroad must continue to overcome the crisis situation that we are experiencing and face the falls in fashion consumption caused by the covid-19 pandemic, since this global fashion consumption directly and indirectly affects each of the pillars that give shape to that shoe in all its typologies. Falls that are of great concern to this sector and that obviously generate uncertainty in it. Uncertainty about knowing how deep the signs that this virus will leave in the global economy, and uncertainty about knowing when this economic situation will redirect. Against this background, we have no choice but to contemplate internationalization from all sides and all possible angles, from a definitive perspective that closes ranks in the face of this problem through global cooperation to minimize its effects.

The export and international marketing of our products is among the priorities of the group’s management team. This factor that has allowed us to avoid different crises in the history of the sector will now also help us to face the new economic crisis that is opening before us. Industry must move across the globe, not just in the single European market. Not everything can be Europe, as not everything must be limited to a single market. We must be multipolar when it comes to rooting in different international markets. Undoubtedly, the European market should be our natural space, but we must not forget other expansion scenarios. Let’s not be afraid to look to the future with determination.


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