Grupo Jover consists of a highly qualified human team and covers a range of companies within that work collaboratively the shoemaking sector.

Cambrillones JOVER

The main company, still a family business, with a 50-year career and exclusive experience in the manufacturing of metal shanks of iron and steel for shoe manufacturing.

JOVER Export Import

All our products are currently available in more than 20 countries. We are a company focused on trading and importing first class raw materials and products from a wide range of overseas markets around the globe.

JOVER Machining

We work and design all kinds of products to suit our customers’ demands and their specific productive equipment, always using the best raw materials and following the highest quality controls.

Shoe Shank


Our main product. It is unknown to most people, but essential nonetheless. Located in the insole of the shoe, it provides shoes with strength and durability preventing the shoe from losing its original shape and giving much better stability to the whole structure.

Human team


Grupo Jover is an exceptional team formed
by great skilled professionals who supervise and deliver the valued
quality of our products.
We endeavour to help our customers
achieve their goals and, therefore,
earn our providers’ trust and respect


We also understand that our success and cost-effectiveness
rely on our ability to meet
ourpartners’ demands. We worked collaboratively

with our customers and providers in order to increase our
volume of business so that it can benefit all parts involved.



From moldmaking to metal shanks


Grupo Jover deals with a varied range of products, from our start product, metal shanks, to moulds made from different materials that are essential for our customers’ manufacturing process.

imagen_desde moldes hasta cambrillones


Workshop y much more


Grupo Jover offers a wide range of services.

From specific jobs carried out in our workshop dedicated to shoe products, to several tailor-made products designed for other industrial sectors.

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