Our range of products is constantly growing and developing. We try to develop new parts on a daily basis so that we can widen our offer, which already expands beyond 8.000 references, as we try to provide whatever our clients need.

Within this ever-growing offer, we produce our own patented metal shanks, with the objective of improving our products and our customers’ satisfaction.

We keep a considerable amount of our products in our warehouses and they can be ready for delivery on the same day to any part of the world..

On our website you can find the wide range of products offered by Grupo Jover:


– Steel shanks for women’s, men’s and children’s shoes

– Metal shanks for shoe repairing

– Shoe trowels and metallic palettes

– Special nails for shoes

– CWooden shanks for men’s shoes

– MPlastic and Zamak injection moulds

– Moulds for cutting and stuffing

– We produce special pieces: prototypes and samples

– CNC cutting and mechanising


Our shoe shanks are pieces of steel, iron, wood or plastic that sit on the inner part of the insole and joints the sole to the heel, providing strength and the desired shape to the shoe.


At Grupo Jover we offer a wide range of products related to the shoe industry, but we also have a workshop specialised in other kinds of designs and production for other tools in sectors like agriculture, food and toy industries.

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