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JOVER GROUP has a highly qualified team  within their organizational management, manufacturing and logistics, distributed between different companies: CAMBRILLONES JOVER, SLU, JOVER IMPORT EXPORT, SL and JOVER MECANIZADOS, SL.


Cambrillones Jover

Cambrillones Jover is the most experienced company, was founded in 1965 by Joaquin Jover Ochoa. The main activity is the production of shanks and components for footwear, but also production of special parts for industries such as solar energy, toys, ironmongery, etc.

Cambrillones Jover has its market throughout the country mainly in the footwear sector.


Jover Export Import is the company that started its path in 2009. Most of its manufacturing are articles and components for shoes that are exported to any country in the world in order to be distributed and commercialized.

Jover Export Import sells its products worldwide, which are distributed to customers directly or through its collaborators.


Mecanizados Jover is the youngest company, its purpose is the sector of plastic injection mold and zamak, die cutting and stamping, CNC machining of special and unique pieces, etc.

Mecanizados Jover ‘s work area is smaller within the die-tooling, embossing and injection molds sector.




The factories, offices and stores  of JOVER GROUP  occupy about 4,800 m2, the companies are located within an area of 8,000 m2 in Pinoso (Alicante - Spain), and near the towns of Elche, Elda and Ibi where the leading manufacturers of this industry are. 




We strive to help our customers to achieve their goals and gain the respect of our suppliers.

We also know that our success and profitability depend on our ability to meet the demands of our customers.
We work closely with customers and suppliers, to increase our volume of business for the benefit of all the concerned parties.


Our mission is to continue investing to expand their potential to enhance performance in productivity in order to provide better customer service, and take advantage of new business opportunities.

The significant investment in production machinery and the made facilities are reflected in the continuous improvement of the final product and the better service for customer satisfaction.




Our products are in a constant expansion and the continued development of new products that enlarge our range of products, which already exceeds the 8.000 references , as daily they increase according to the needs of our customers.

Among the new, we produce shanks with patented system, in order to improve our products and customer satisfaction.

Most of them are made to stock in our warehouses, in order to have them ready for same-day shipping to anywhere in the world.

On the web, you can find the wide range of products offered by the JOVER GROUP:

  • Steel shanks for women, men and children.
  • Shanks for shoe repair. Spatulas and trowels.
  • Special nails for footwear.
  • Wooden shanks for men shoes.
  • Injection molds for plastic and zamak.
  • Cutting and drawing dies.
  • We manufacture special parts.
  • Prototypes and samples.
  • CNC machining operations.