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JOVER Group has adopted a total quality philosophy as an integral part of its strategic plan.

The principles of total quality management apply to every step, from order intake, production up to subsequent delivery of the article.

In our company quality is everyone’s responsibility and everyone is responsible for the quality in the area where they develop their work.


In JOVER Group we have committed to quality by:


    • The company policy and quality objectives at all levels within the organization is to achieve the goals through procedures and work instructions well established by our company.


    • The implementation of procedures to ensure quality in all processes, to carry continuous monitoring of internal quality standards and to gauge customer satisfaction in order to identify any disagreement and develop solutions to prevent their recurrence.


    • Motivating and through sensitization of employees to take an active part in improving the quality and develop a culture of teamwork.


    • Defining precise and clearly the role of each in the manufacturing process, establishing clear and well defined objectives.


    • Developing relationships with our suppliers so that they emphasize continuous improvement in the quality of their products.